Huatulco  |   9 bays and 36 beaches

The natural perfection revealed in each of its 9 bays in the destination, makes it into a tireless adventure.

Going out to enjoy peace in any of its 36 beaches causes to live life each day in an extraordinary way. Its clime is always warm with an average of 28 oC (82 oF), makes it an ideal place to take a walk at any of the beaches.

It is a place which consists of a constant growing infrastructure, conscious of protection for the environment, Huatulco makes the perfect site to purchase a private space and make it into one’s home.

City  |  Small and Peaceful

A wonderful place from the first walk through its streets. Huatulco is a delightful site for its tropical climate, sunny days throughout the year and the warmth of the local people seen around. Walking through the calm and picturesque trail ways, one can admire the lush natural beauty surroundings at any direction.

Overlooking the Mexican Pacific Ocean from the terrace is an expression that enthralls visitors achieving to make from this natural surrounding an attractive home on the beach side. Just a unique place.

Pacific Ocean

Located on the southern coast of the Mexican Pacific Ocean, creating wonderful bays with an extraordinary tropical climate in the zone, ready to be explored.

Destination Earthcheck 2011

Due to the conservation of its environment and being a clean, safe and comfortable spot, Huatulco gained the recognition from EarthCheck Gold 2011. Being the first certified tourist destination in the world.

The Weather

The charming of this place is its sub-humid warm climate which makes it into a tropical paradise. The raining season is between the months of July and October. Vegetation becomes lushly creating beautiful green sceneries.